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This poem is common sense

Poem: The furthest point


In the realm of the spirit

The furthest point is normally very near

It is not distance that separates spiritual beings

It is the absence of peace, hope, happiness and love

That keeps the spirit away from God

In the world of Man

The furthest point is normally found in our thoughts and emotions

The darkness of loneliness and the abyss of sorrow

We have always thought distance really matters in the affairs of Man

But it is the matters of the spirit that really occupies the heart of Man

We can talk about the logical mind all we want

But it is the fantastic sense of our spiritual inheritance that occupies our lives

Our lives are nothing without spiritual fulfilment in our hearts

We can be the best at everything we do but without hope

We are doomed to the life of meaninglessness

We can dominate all fields of success

But without Love we are forever poor

Now, let us free ourselves from the illusion of the mind

And hold the Truth in our hands and heart

Let us accept our spiritual inheritance

And we will find our way to the realm of peace, happiness and love

It is not spiritual enlightenment

It is common sense

We are all spiritual beings


©Kenneth Maswabi


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