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This poem gives me hope

Poem: The future is looking good


In between my insanity and my dream

My head anchored on the pillow of hope

My spirit free to roam the skies of the sacred Light

My body and mind wrapped in the blanket of the dead

I went out of my way to peep through the mist

Into the bright skies of tomorrow

I am not supposed to tell you

It is a mystery that is totally sealed

But yet again, I am the mystery manifested

The future is looking good

There are bright days ahead of us

The day of sorrow will pass

And our tears will dry

It is absolutely critical that we come together

Under the banner of a better future for all

To open the door to a new day

We need a key

Some are still hesitant

To drink from the Seeker’s palm

And enter the mystical realm

To retrieve the key

It is a dimensionless place

There are no ideologies

Only unconditional Love

To Love is to obey God

And to serve others is to worship Him

This is the key to a bright future


©Kenneth Maswabi




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