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This poem is a call to celebrate the renewal of hope together.

Poem: The garden of poetry


In this garden

I am the soil

That holds the roots of hope

Anchoring the tree of life

Under the canopy of existence

It’s not the words that lay buried in me

It’s the message that emerges from the seed of life

That holds the path of Light

I am only a receptacle

That the farmer chose

To plant his seeds

It’s the farmer

In his wisdom

Bringing life to the womb of existence

I am only a path

In his journey of poetry

I am only a messenger

Delivering his letters to his people

The garden of poetry

In its diversity of colour and beauty

Holds the keys

To understanding each other

We may all come from different nationalities

But we are all flowers in the garden of poetry

Our different colours and scents

Bring a whole lot of meaning

To the canopy of existence

Let us unite under the banner of peace

And celebrate the renewal of hope

It’s only when we laugh together

And cry together

That the family of human beings

Will begin the journey home

Our home is not a place

It’s a realm of the spirit


©Kenneth Maswabi



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