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This poem is the genetic code of life.

Poem: The genetic code


Not based on Sci-fi realms

A life-giving force is weaved inside us

Not by the hands of technology

But by the mighty hands of God

The genetic code is not just a mystery

It’s one of the jewels of life

Not made to impress mathematicians

The logic within is beyond mathematics

Only four nitrogenous bases

Are fully responsible for the intricate biology of life

Weaved in a fancy structure of architectural and geometrical black magic

The deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) molecule is mathematically impossible to fathom

Let alone to build inside the tiny space of the nucleus of the cell

The genetic code is responsible for the diversity of human life and characteristics

Not intended to cause any unnecessary punishment or strife on anyone

Would you believe, the genetic code is created by the effects of random interactions/chances

Or Is it a very neatly laid down plan by the Almighty and the all-knowing God

Science in its immature judgement put it all into the head of Darwin

In his mind, Darwin theorized that we are a bunch of apes that have evolved over time

And many people actually believed this gibberish

Now, it’s not too late to look back at the book of life

And see the unimaginable hand of the Creator

As he weaved the first DNA molecule

From those four components he envisioned a wonderful world

He gave the substance of life a physical apparel

Not as a monument of time and space

Not to be idolized or pasted with fancy titles

He just wanted the substance of life to be dressed in a beautiful and befitting attire

That is as beautiful as the substance of life itself

“He created us in His own image.” Genesis 1:26

Now, what is His image?

Can we break it down into body, mind and soul?

Or should we look at it as the Oneness of the Spirit (mind, body & soul)

Is it the outward human physical characteristics that gives us His image?

Or the substance of the river of life within?

“God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.” John 4:24


©Kenneth Maswabi





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