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This poem reveals a secret

Poem: The Global Stage


It is petrifying to walk on this stage

All of your fears are summoned

All of your thoughts are juxtaposed

Exposed to the elements of hate, envy and wickedness

It is only a matter of time

Before you meet your adversary

What are you going to tell them?

When they throw hostile stares at you

Or push you over with their protruding tentacles

Are you going to fold your sleeves and fight

Or bow down in humility?

It takes a beautiful heart to know the answers

It is the heart of goodness that holds the truth

The truth is found in the bowl of unconditional Love

It is wise to leave your ego behind

And walk with the agility of the spirit

It is the spirit of humanity that should guide you

There are hostile entities on the way

Do not be afraid

The world is full of evil forces

But it is the spirit of humanity that will prevail

Follow these simple rules

Do not judge yourself carelessly

Do not judge others carelessly

Be gentle but firm in your convictions

It takes wisdom to be gentle

Do not be afraid

Gentleness is a virtue and a fruit of the spirit

Climb the global stage with the stride of a thousand horses


©Kenneth Maswabi




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