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This poem is not a mystery.

Poem: The Grace of God


In all our mental faculties

With all mathematical calculations

Even with the help of artificial intelligence

We can never come near to understanding the grace of God

But what’s the grace of God?

A sacred love spell

Or a forgiveness beyond reason?

We cannot puncture the fabric of being

And extract the reason God created us

We have tried with science

To postulate and make hypothesis

We looked deep into genetics

To try and unfold the meaning of life

We found ourselves staring at a living coil (DNA)

Fully loaded with the substance of Life

We found ourselves holding an unknown code

That was buried deep in our flesh

We asked ourselves complex questions

Is this the grace of God?

But in everything we do

We can only come to one conclusion

The grace of God is the supreme condition of being

Far beyond the known contents of life

It’s not the logic of thought

Or the cumbersome weight of time

That will feed us the answer

It’s our hearts

That is submerged in wisdom

Let us learn the language of Silence (stillness)

And probe in the deepest parts of our being

Maybe then we will find our answer

But one thing is certain

God’s Love is unconditional

We don’t know why

But it will be foolishness not to obey

God is Love


©Kenneth Maswabi



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