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This poem speaks the language of the afterlife

Poem: The Graveyard’s Dilemma


So deep we dip our tongues in the bitter cold bowl of the afterlife

We taste not the sweet nectar of heaven

But the barren taste of the grave yard

We find ourselves looking at the dry bones of our memories

Laying deserted on the cold sands of the afterlife

Our life stories scattered on the face of uncertainty

Our tombstones unaware of all the dreams that we had

All our identities, achievements and expectations

Swallowed by the passage of time

Our belongings buried in the casket of past memories

Our joy and sorrow taken by the pages of history books

Our life stories, a graveyard’s dilemma

Whether rich or poor

The graveyard cannot account for your life achievements

Our struggles under the sun are washed clean

Our bank accounts wiped clean by life’s procedures

Covid-19 pandemic has taught us a lot

Not to stand on the pile of our material accomplishments

But to lean onto our families, friends and neighbours for comfort

We have to disrobe ourselves of the fear of death

And undress ourselves of the bitter stories of the afterlife

We have to embrace unconditional Love

And be one with God and each other

The graveyard is not a place for us

It is only a container for our human capsule

Let us learn to put on the garment of faith, hope and Love

And walk outside the perimeter of logic

Let our life stories be precursors to our afterlife stories

Let the dome of human wisdom be broken

And the wisdom of God be our apparel

Unconditional Love is the garment of God

Let the Grace of God lead us into the vessel of the eternal life


©Kenneth Maswabi





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