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This poem reveals a secret about life.

Poem: The greatest miracle


There are many ingredients to a happy life

Often times we flood ourselves with thoughts

Hoping to come up with brilliant ideas

That will open a flood gate of success

But what is success?

Some will say success is the accumulation of material wealth

Others will go down on their knees to pray for good health and spiritual growth

While others will soak themselves in the classroom of education

And decorate themselves with identities, achievements, titles and attachments

It’s possible that success is bits and pieces of the above

It’s also possible that success is spiritual not physical

But I think the greatest success in life

Lies not in our heads/minds (ego) or achievements

The greatest success is found deep within our hearts

Find the everlasting stillness (body, mind and soul) and you will be successful

Regardless of the season, situation or circumstances

The greatest success is to be totally wrapped in hope

To be without fear and to be outside the perimeter of hopelessness (uncertainties)

Even when death knocks at your door

You will stand with your head held high

Because you will have conquered the abyss of the unknown

And be intoxicated with nothingness

It’s madness to be inside the realm of immortality

To operate outside the parameters of logic

It’s also freedom to be full of Silence

Happiness, peace and Love are all possibilities

The everlasting miracle is found outside the gates of logic

The everlasting miracle is nothingness

The everlasting state of being

Not even thoughts or emotions will touch you

And your presence will extend into eternity

Your absence will also extend into eternity

You will be the true fabric of existence

The breath of life


©Kenneth Maswabi



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