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This poem is a house of humility

Poem: The heart of humility


I went to the hut of humility

There was no one inside

Waited and waited

Still no one came through

I decided to occupy this space

Now, I am totally at home

Inside the emptiness of being

I am in my house

Made of nothingness

It is an amazing heart of humanity

That searches for humility

Not bothered by the prying eyes of the egocentric mind

Or the dominating thoughts of humiliation

Humility is the only home

With no windows

Just a bed made of selflessness

No one will come to you

To give you flowers, gifts or awards

For being humble

It is a personal choice

Humility is the highest form of knowledge (wisdom)

It is not the emptiness of the hut

Nor the absence of spectators

That opens the heart of humility

It is the presence of Light, Truth and Peace

That guides the heart of humility


©Kenneth Maswabi


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