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This poem pours some light on the current phenomenon of conspiracy theories.

Poem: The human mind and conspiracy theories


In its bartered state of chronic fear

The human mind is a consumer of all knowledge

Regardless of the origin or purpose

The human mind is a sponge

That sucks information from the surface of life

Always seeking after answers to its dark fears

Excavating deep into the abyss of the unknown

The human mind looks beyond the surface of life

Sometimes it looks under the darkest alleys

To try and make sense of this cancerous tumour of the mind

And maybe find a cure to these deep-seated fears

The fear of the unknown

It’s neither the fear of death or the fear of life

Because people have been known to commit suicide

The mind does not fear death

Its biggest fear is the unknown

It’s the contents of spirituality that the mind abhors

Putting an intricate matrix of logic in place of spiritual knowledge

In place of faith, hope and Love

The human mind has constructed a barricade of man-made walls

Whether in the form of religious ideologies or scientific philosophies

Or in the form of conspiracy theories

It’s the latter form of knowledge that is currently gaining momentum

Conspiracy theories are far more dangerous than ideologies

They have the ability to poison the stem of consciousness

Injecting a hyperbolic state of being

That is not rooted in reality

It’s these potent delusional effects of conspiracy theories

That is being used as a weapon against the innocent masses

The truth is being scattered

And replaced by carefully constructed lies, untruths and deceit

That punctures the fabric of reality

Pouring in a new form of atmosphere of understanding

A disfigured sky of knowing (awareness)

That is capable of being manipulated by sophisticated algorithms

Simple trinkets of knowledge

Carefully and strategically inserted into our social media spaces

Or even our daily conversations or classrooms

Conspiracy theories have the power to break families, society and the world

Unlike scientific philosophies or religious ideologies

Conspiracy theories are not constructive

They don’t aid the propagation of order

They bring chaos and unleashes anarchy

They are the doomsday tools for the wicked

They are deployed in hand-to-hand combat with the truth

The motive is to disfigure reality

And make people to consider alternative realities based on lies and deceit

The nihilistic form of thought

That is based on time and space (temporality)

And the gathering of materialism as the ultimate purpose of life

It’s impossible to replace the truth

It’s actually foolishness to try and disfigure the truth

Because the truth is not replaceable or destructible

It’s a form of Light

That nourishes life and propagates it to higher levels of consciousness

It’s time to awaken our full spectrum of consciousness

And realize that Love is the ultimate state of being

And everything else is foolishness

It’s only Love that can transplant us from the path of wickedness

And plant us into the path of Light

It’s Love that will destroy the seat of lies, untruths and deceit

And put us on a pedestal of hope

It’s faith, hope and Love that will give us a clear path in times of hopelessness

Not conspiracy theories

It’s faith, hope and Love that has the power to calm our being

And inject a sense of nothingness into our mind, body and soul

Making us invincible to any hostile circumstances

Dressing us in the everlasting state of being (Love)

God is Love



Kenneth Maswabi





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