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This poem dives deep into the fabric of nothingness.

Poem: The illusion is a nest of creation


Taste all kinds of food

Let your palate submerge in the illusion

Let your appetite drown in the magic

Let your heart delight in the moment

It’s all an illusionary world

Built by the threads of consciousness

Not to fool anyone

But to address the ego

And undress the spirit

The ego wants to believe in the illusion

To wallow in the pool of foolishness

The spirit is willing to taste the illusion

Not out of hunger and selfishness

But out of faith, hope and love

It’s inside this illusion

That the fabric of awareness is found

It’s inside this illusion

That the secrets of consciousness are kept

Take for example

A hummingbird in its elegant dress

Drinking from a colourful cup of petals

Filled with the most delicious nectar

It’s the synchronization of beauty, happiness and satisfaction

That unveils the heart of creation

It’s the high quality of the nectar

That serves as a beacon of hope

It’s the succulent taste of wild berries

That buries any doubt

Unleashing the heart of faith

It’s the spirit that opens the curtain of Love

Buried inside the illusion

The illusion is a nest of creation


©Kenneth Maswabi





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