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This poem is paving the way for the spirit

Poem: The impurities of Knowledge


Do not enter the temple of God with pockets full of knowledge

There is nothing unknown in the presence of God

The impurities of knowledge will cloud your mind

And the Light of God will obliterate your soul

It is not necessary to hold your breath

It is absolutely important to be still

In this stillness, you will be born again

And everything you have ever known will be unknown

It is the Light of God that will illuminate your life

Everything else will be meaningless

Except the Love of God

It is the Love of God that will address your existence

Do not fear for your life, God is the everlasting Life

It is the grace of God that will undress you

And pour the spirit of God into your being

This is the covenant of unconditional Love

The beginning and the end are tied together

The path of Light is forever beautiful

The Silence within is the secret of life

You are the accord of existence

And everything you know is non-existent

This is the summit of being

Only God occupies your spirit

And your spirit worships only God

It is a spiritual bath, an atonement and a sacrifice

The Truth will be availed to you

And you will see the Light

God is the Light of the world


©Kenneth Maswabi


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