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This poem unveils our gifts.

Poem: The inheritance


Let’s pause for a moment

And count our blessings

We have been given the gifts of faith, hope and Love

For times like these

We can walk through the tunnel of hope

And emerge on the other side of turmoil

We can find the peace of mind

Inside the countless stories of hope, courage and love

We can look through the prism of life

And find the low hanging fruits of the spirit

We can unlock the power of compassion

And hold hands with those in sorrow

We can close the curtain of hopelessness

And eat from the bowl of Love

We can spend some time inside the tabernacle of the spirit

And put our hearts on the altar of faith

We can be the Light

To those who are full of fear

And be the path

For those who are weak

We can undress ourselves

And address our fears

We can be the light at the end of the tunnel


©Kenneth Maswabi


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