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This poem is removing the web of hope from those who hunger for justice. Until we all change our world view (collective consciousness) we will continue to experience injustices.

Poem: The injustices of the justice department


Justice holds a penlight

The truth is underneath the moonlight

There is no sophisticated gadgets

To undress the mind of man

Personal objectives mixed with lack of ethical measurements

Subjected to public weighing scales

There is a blind man or rather woman

Making judgements under the banner of justice

It’s a terrible mistake to expect justice to be dispensed

When the laws are formulated against the poor

The policemen are immune from the law

They are the law

The justice department is immersed in technicalities

Life is not black and white

What about the intention?

“A police man has no bad intentions,” said the judge

It is never too late to seek redress

The court of appeal is open

To offer new prescriptions

For your disappointments

Politics is involved

It’s a fool proof system that is designed to be dismantled by the wise

The people need to rise above their everyday basic needs

And open the vault of consciousness

It’s our collective consciousness that need to be re-drafted

A change can only happen

If we address our deficient collective consciousness

Justice will only be served if we are united

There is no new broom to sweep clean our justice department

The reality is that we cannot prescribe poverty

And expect the streets to be clean

People are hungry for justice

“Survival of the fittest” is planted in the courtroom

The rich and politically connected are getting away with murder

Unless we dismantle our thoughts

And eradicate the cancerous malignancy

That dominates our mood

We will fail to bring justice to the table

It’s only fair

To prepare for the injustice

Than to expect justice


© Kenneth Maswabi




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