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This poem is the missing road on the map of knowledge.

Poem: The Intersection of Science and Spirituality



At this juncture

We cannot dismiss this conjecture

Science is desperately looking for answers

Humanity’s many questions are piling up

The test tube cannot fit all equations

The sequence of events is mind blowing

The algorithms are all reaching a dead end

There is a missing path on the map of knowledge

The current train of logic is definitely too small

To carry us all to the ends of the universe into eternity

We need a worm hole or some sort of psychic abilities

In order to evade the terrain of uncertainty

And peruse the next chapter of human progress

There is a missing link in the book of knowledge

This anomaly has evaded the world of Science

The intersection of Science and Spirituality is nowhere to be seen

But the road signs are visible

Consciousness is the elephant in the room

We need to unravel the secrets of consciousness

In order to reveal the point of interaction between dimensions

Spirituality and Science lies on two different realms

Yet the point of their intersection is in plain sight

The heart of Man is the most misunderstood chapter in the book of life

It is only now that we are beginning to re-learn the art of Silence

And to re-calibrate our misguided mind set

Away from the magnetism of logic

Into the realm of the unknown

To let go of our thoughts and emotions

And fall into a trance

To reach into the spiritual world and find our true selves

This is the new page in the next chapter of human progress


©Kenneth Maswabi



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