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This poem is madness that is full of ecstasy.

Poem: The knowledge of spirituality

The knowledge of spirituality


The curtain of madness hangs loose

Inside my being

I am ready to be excoriated

By those with the eyes of logic

And hands of steel

My argument starts with faith, hope and love

And ends with faith, hope and love

There are no calculations in between

Just the substance of the spirit

I can only submerge myself in faith

For it’s my classroom

As I wander through the vastness of eternity

I have no desire to open my eyes

And look through the thicket of emptiness

Through the eyes of selfishness

I have no desire to look through the fibres of reason

And limit myself to the physical world

I have an immense appetite to consume the fruits of the spirit

And embrace myself through your being

Through humility, kindness and compassion

I will be your true neighbour

Your presence has to give me hope

And your absence has to fill me with sorrow

For it’s only your Light that will illuminate my path

Through you I will find my way home

In you I will find myself

In you I will find Love

It’s only through Love that I am full of awareness

I don’t hold any identities, expectations or attachments

I want to be free to wallow in nothingness

And be the womb of existence

I want to be alone with the aloneness

And be there for you when you need me

I want to find the river of life

And drink from the palm of existence

Inside the tabernacle of faith, hope and love


©Kenneth Maswabi





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