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This poem is the secret of Silence.

Poem: The Language of Silence


In silence, there are lots of stories

Poems, parables and other stories

That are purely made of consciousness

It’s not the thought nor imagination as many may think

Or even experience

It’s the sudden appearance of a story, a poem or a quote

That astonishes me

Many times while I was unaware

A story was being packaged

Many times while I was unaware

A poem was being delivered

It’s the miraculous substance of being

That brings joy to the heart

These stories are not punctured by thought

They appear as shiny pearls on the stage of being

Sometimes not to address any particular issue

But to undress the wisdom within

It is something out of this world

To be given the gift of listening to Silence

It is some kind of madness

To be able to hear the beautiful river of life

As it flows into existence

The unknown is suddenly known

The hidden becomes illuminated

The curtain of blindness lifted

The ocean of awareness fully displayed

Like a river, the language of Silence

Flows into the stillness of body, mind and soul

Bringing joy, peace and Love

©Kenneth Maswabi


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