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This poem teaches you the language of God

Poem: The language spoken at the gates of heaven


Logic browses through billions of neurons

To retrieve the most logical piece of knowledge

To present to the heavenly guards

As they stand in awe of the sanctified abode of God

What is the language spoken at the gates of heaven?

Many of my fellow human beings will present their achievements

As a stamp to enter the gates of heaven

Some will identify themselves with gigantic fancy titles

Others will try to convince the guards to call God

While some will present gifts to the heavenly guards

Some will undress and show off the colour of their skin

The poor fellas will bow down and beg for mercy

And the deaf will put on a show of sign language

What is the language spoken at the gates of heaven?

It is not the earthly posture that is presented

Or the ethnic language that opens the gates of heaven

It is neither the refined accent nor the noble upbringing

That will give you access to the Most High

It is not the bag of tricks or the smooth talk

That will get the guards’ attention

It is not the fancy titles or identities

It is neither the poverty-ridden face

Or the golden-rimmed glasses

That will speak for you

It is only the language of God that will give you permission

To enter the sacred abode

It is only Love that will get you through the gates of heaven

Because Love is the language, the guard, the entrance and the abode

God is Love

©Kenneth Maswabi


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