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This poem displays the substance of being

Poem: The layers of joy and sorrow


Life laid its eggs on our face

Not to humiliate us

Or torment us

But to teach us something

It is not the brittle eggs of birds

Or the viscousness of their egg white

It is the tough fibre of the spirit

That decorates our face

Sometimes it is the joy that is displayed

On the windows of our lives

And other times it is sorrow

That grips firmly to our hearts

We have to try and adjust our inner being

Away from the face of this constructed reality

Into the tranquil presence

It is the moment you realize this

That the egg of awareness is laid

It is this tranquil moment

That brings us true peace, happiness and Love

This moment is sacred

It has to be harnessed

And nourished in our everyday lives

It is the stillness of being

That defeats fear, hopelessness and uncertainty

It is the Silence within that reveals the Spirit of God


©Kenneth Maswabi



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