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This poem is an introduction into the realm of consciousness

Poem: The limitations of the classroom of knowledge


The universe is a vast and sophisticated place

We cannot squeeze all of its knowledge into the classroom

We can only select a few drops of knowledge to study

And hope it will give us a better perspective into the mystery of the unknown

The classroom is a beautiful place with its gigantic billboards of knowledge

But the key to true knowledge is found within our hearts

True knowledge is the light that opens the door to awareness

Awareness is the fundamental substance of our being

We cannot limit ourselves to the five senses

And hope we can truly understand our own composition

We need to drink from the river of living water

And allow our spirit to illuminate the bed of existence

It is only inside the emptiness of our being

That we can rise up with the fullness of clarity

And see the light of our creation

We can be the substrate of nothingness

And be the empty cup that is never full of knowledge

It is true, the current objective for humanity’s existence has been distorted

But the fundamental reason for our existence

Lies deep in our conscious

Until we submerge ourselves in the waters of consciousness (Silence)

We will never understand the meaning of peace, hope, happiness and Love

Only the truth can set us free

To roam the vastness of the everlasting life


©Kenneth Maswabi



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