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This poem is a taste of loneliness.

Poem: The lonely road


This road goes nowhere

Like a dilapidated house

All warmth has been sucked out

It is full of broken heartedness

Pain fills the sockets of its eyes

Sorrow is the blanket that hangs on its roof

Like a mouthful of sourness

There is no taste, just bitterness

Like an old container of life

This road goes nowhere

It is the road to perdition

But yet it looks so innocent

With its old sagging trees

It is a road to no where

Like an ancient pyramid

It is surrounded by questions

Unanswered questions haunt its face

It is a ghost-like maze

That goes nowhere

Just like an overdose of turmoil

It is a desolate house of hopelessness

Its purpose is yet to be discovered

Like an old rag

It is full of holes that cannot be mended

In today’s society, every road seem to lead to this spectre

Standing erect in the middle of the constructed reality

The lonely road is full of people

Not knowing where they are going

They stagger around in total despair

Looking for an exist

That seem to be non-existent

It is a tragedy that needs an acute remedy

But everyone else seems to be busy with their lives

Unaware of this anomaly

They cannot offer any help

Until it’s too late


©Kenneth Maswabi


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