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This poem is pleading for humanity.


Poem: The Measure of Man or Woman


In the solid walls of life today

We cannot afford selfish men or women

We cannot find comfort or pleasure in the presence of selfishness

We need to pound the door of consciousness

Until all men and women are intoxicated with selflessness

We need to open the vault of our collective consciousness

And rip open the bag of wickedness

It’s time to resect this monstrous tumour

And allow our humanity to heal

We need to find new tools for measuring our state of being

Away from the algorithms of psychology

We need to establish a new measure

Not only based on the state of the mind

But based on the state of consciousness

It’s the full spectrum of consciousness

That needs to be deployed

Especially by our leaders

We need leaders who are selfless and conscientious

Anointed with unconditional Love

We need leaders who are not afflicted by tribalism, racism or religious fundamentalism

We need leaders who are passionate about humanity

Not only at the highest office of leadership

We need to awaken our consciousness as a people

For the sake of humanity

We need to open our hearts

And look beyond materialism

Into the pulpit of spirituality

Where faith, hope and Love

Envelopes the heart of man

We need to consume the fruits of the spirit

And know the value of compassion, gentleness and Love

We need to nourish kindness, peace and humility among our communities

We need a society that cares for the needs of all

Not just the elite or the wealthy

We need to amputate all forms of inequality

And bury them in the deepest corners of our imagination

We need to find the path of Light and walk in harmony with nature

We need a new navigation system

That will direct humanity to higher levels of consciousness


©Kenneth Maswabi




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