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This poem reveals a secret

Poem: The Mind Versus The Substance of Being


I choose not to rely on my mind

To dissect the stiff questions of life

The mind is full of blunt scalpels

Unable to dislocate any kind of spiritual questions

Into manageable pieces of data that can aid life

The mind is fully dressed for its path of time and space

It does not care whether you win or not

It will lead you to the well of poisonous thoughts

Or to the path of logic, ideas and wealth creation

The mind feeds on the weaknesses of others

Stepping on those who are vulnerable

It does not select between toxic and good thoughts

It is a platform for anger, love, hate, jealousy…etc

It is cunning, calculative, docile and immature

The mind enjoys being on the top of things

Not necessarily on the summit of being

It is the branches of life that give it joy

The substance of being is not very well understood

Its location is not part of the current curriculum

It is the totality of all inputs from the body, mind and soul

That give the substance of being its sharpness or bluntness

The optimum output is Silence or Stillness or Calmness

The substance of being is not an organ of the body

It is an organ of joy or sorrow, goodness or evil

It is the entity that stands between this world and other realms

It is the ocean of being that is not solidified

It is the droplet in the ocean of awareness

It is the molecule of nothingness

The sound of Silence

The field of emptiness

The substance of being is the only entity

That contains the entirety of consciousness

If very well harnessed

The substance of being will lead you to the path of Light

Wisdom, peace, hope, happiness and love are all on this path

It is the stillness of the substance of being that opens the door into heaven

©Kenneth Maswabi



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