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This poem unveils the most radical entity on earth.

Poem: The most radical entity on earth


It’s not a script out of a horror movie

Or a Jihadist propaganda manual

It’s a jewel of beauty

An oasis of life

Love is the most radical entity on earth


The manuscript of Love is not littered with power, greed and selfishness

Not even the art of psychological warfare or artificial intelligence

It’s fully decorated with the most basic of human ethos

It contains elements of hope and faith

It justifies the acts of compassion

It fully elaborates the importance of selflessness

Magnifying the role of kindness and humility in the streets of life

It’s the masterpiece in the library of life

Fully decorated with the petals of Love

Love is the most radical entity on earth


The act of Love is fully powered by selflessness

The ability to give and forgive

To care and nourish others

To supplement your physical needs

With the fruits of the spirit

To implement the most radical philosophy on earth

Not bothered by your material needs

Or physical attachments

But propelled by mysterious forces

Inhabiting our spirit

Pulling us together

Regardless of race, ethnicity, age or creed

Love is the most radical entity on earth


©Kenneth Maswabi



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