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This poem unveils a secret…life is forever beautiful.

Poem: The mystery of life


Life is our home

Not made of wood or bricks

But made of the mysterious elements

It’s not carbon, oxygen and hydrogen

That makes life so amazing

It’s something beyond the periodic table

Something deeper than imagination

It’s the spirit within

That encapsulates life in its precious stem

It gives life its radiant beauty

Allowing the substance of life to ignite

Into a billion bright moments

And a billion dark moments

It’s the mystery of life

Life is not a classroom of logic

Let’s not judge each other (or ourselves)

Judgement is a divine whip

It cuts through the fibre of being

Piercing the spirit

Do not despair, be in Love…be the Love

The substance of life is forever glowing

Even beyond death

Life is forever beautiful

The memories we make

Are as beautiful as the sunshine

Let’s cherish them

Let’s dig deeper into our being

And bring out the best in us

Let’s allow our smiles to be seen

And our Love to flow

Let’s make it a habit to laugh with each other

Laughter is medicine to the soul

It’s the positive energy

That nourishes the spirit

Allowing life to glow

As we hold onto this moment (darkness)

Let’s not forget to let it go and allow the bright rays in

It’s the bright and dark moments

That make life so unpredictable

And so amazing


©Kenneth Maswabi




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