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This poem is the substance of hope.

Poem: The nature of hope


In times of distress

There are many pathways available

To calm the mind, body and soul

But one pathway stands erect among them all

Hope is the spiritual path to stillness (calmness)

Not punctuated with the contents of logic

Hope is a true path of Light

Not covered by mathematical conjectures

Hope does not prescribe intelligence as a requirement

Not a product of spells or any form of wizardry

Hope is available to every individual

In times of distress

It’s not a requirement to be consumed by hopelessness

Or to bury yourself in fear

It’s also not necessary to enter the faculty of logic

And cement yourself in the classroom of algorithms

In times of distress

Body, mind and soul fully hypnotized by the ray of hope

One can submerge himself/herself in the state of hope

Not at all bothered by the turbulent waves of time

One can put on the garment of stillness

Annihilating all forms of logic or control (ego)

One can fully occupy the field of nothingness

And eat from the bowl of existence

One can embrace his spiritual state of being

And live inside the tunnel of hope


©Kenneth Maswabi


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