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This poem looks at the current state of reality.

Poem: The new face of reality


It’s stitched with bits and pieces of everything

At its core is a meshwork of multiple identities

And a network of attachments

That gives a false sense of security and hope

It’s the fabric of Love

That is missing

It’s the foolishness of time and space

That inhabits our hearts

One moment we are full of joy

The other moment we are enveloped in sorrow

We have lost our hope

And our path is full of uncertainties

Fear has embedded itself

Into the crust of our being

We are driven not by compassion

But by the hands of selfishness

We are chasing after materialism

Wealth is our success

It’s the logical conclusion

To a life of foolishness

Now listen and listen carefully

It’s the absence of the everlasting Truth

That makes us barren

Full of loneliness

And driven by fear

It’s the absence of Love

That ties us to the mind of ego and fear

And unleashes the venomous heart of wickedness

Submerging us into selfishness

It’s the absence of hope

That ties us to the hands of time

And puts us on the path of uncertainty

It’s not wise

To put on the garment of logic

In an everlasting existence

It’s mathematical impossible

To derive the formula for happiness

From the classroom of life

It’s true

Only the Truth can set us free


©Kenneth Maswabi





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