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This is a wonderful poem

Poem: The new pieces of poetry


Like furniture, these pieces of poetry are well polished

With the latest designs in mind, these poetry marvels are fine tuned

To illuminate their specific purpose in life and display their grandiosity

These pieces of poetry are not meant for the royal table or the palace lounges

But they are crafted with the most sophisticated people in mind

They are not just pieces of poetry to chew inside the classroom of boredom

They are the pellets of medicine to take during stressful situations

Or even to take home to your curious children

These pieces of poems are magnificently designed to sooth the inner soul

And inhabit the innermost cubicle of our being

Just like vases of flowers, they are displayed on the windows of the soul

To provide good vibes and release their incredible sacred scents

These pieces of poems are not at all crafted by artificial intelligence

Or the latest 3D printers

They are created from a rare substance found deep in the womb of our existence

It is not their well-behaved manners that decorate our minds

It is the radiance of truth in their glittering eyes

Just like the stars from faraway realms

These pieces of poetry are a source of beauty and companionship

They have sacrificed themselves to alleviate our suffering and loneliness

Even in the darkest of hours, their light shines bright

Not inhibited by the ferocious winds of our time, these poems give us hope

To dream and to hold courage in our hearts

To exude the love inside our being

And let our hearts glow with the spirit of beauty, peace and happiness


©Kenneth Maswabi


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