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This poem warns against the unfolding poisonous form of reality

Poem: The new reality


A poisonous reality is unfolding

Like a beautiful poisonous mushroom tree

This new reality thrives on colourful highly potent toxins

This new reality is full of venomous snakes

There are found in every aspect of life

Including in places of worship

Fully dressed with the best colours

They are camouflaged to infiltrate any conversation or gathering

Ready to inject their venomous doctrine

This doctrine has nothing to do with choice

Yet it is served in shiny cups of different flavours

To fool and deceive their unsuspecting victims

We are taken back into the Garden of Eden

And these slithering snakes are offering us their evil opinions

Advising us to be wise and eat the fruit of our choice

These wicked snakes are feeding us our deaths

Colluding with the monster called Covid-19 pandemic

They have formed an evil death pact

This is the new reality that we should all be aware of

Pieces of misinformation are everywhere

Including inside our favourite social media outlets

Some of these information is so addictive

That once swallowed

It immediately takes over the faculty of reason

Distorting every pathway of logical thinking

Releasing a highly potent delusional sense of knowledge and being untouchable

That overcomes even the most sober of people

Sending them onto the highest branches of madness

This is not the time for this kind of madness

Let all the people of the world be vaccinated

Without the infusion of any unfounded doctrine

Enough is enough

©Kenneth Maswabi

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