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This poem reveals a secret.

Poem: The number of my friends


I have always wanted to have friends

To let my heart wallow in the hands of good companionship

I have been to the edge of imagination

Searching for the perfect friendship manual

That will prescribe the type of person on my friendship list

I have searched through the thick fog of knowledge

To try and unveil the poster of a perfect friend

They say a friend in need is a friend indeed

I have sought answers from the book of logic

I have looked through the telescope of time

I have been to the library

Searched through a million books

What is the personality of a good friend?

How many friends should I have?

Do I need a friend at all?

These are some of the question that pricked my mind

As I sat chewing on the cud of hope

I was closing in on the answer to my questions

I was finally at the gate of my friend’s heart

I was about to know the face of my true friend/s

From the realm of imagination

To the outskirts of madness

I had made a sketch of my true friend/s

It was not a picture of a person

It was a picture of Love

I was amazed

Love is my friend

Be in Love

Be the Love


©Kenneth Maswabi




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