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This poem explores outside the perimeter of reason.

Poem: The outskirts of reason


It’s not viable to remain stagnant

Inside the high walls of normality

Come out and explore

The outskirt of reason

Delve into the unknown world

Find yourself a spot

Solitude is a sport

For those who practise the art of aloneness

It’s not necessary to carry your thoughts

Into this world of Silence

All you need is your heart

And a bit of self-discipline

This is a journey that requires no map

It’s inside the unknown that you will re-discover your true self

Be the mirror that reflects the true essence of being

Be the seeker inside the labyrinth of existence

Do not hold back, just let go of your ego

It’s not required here

Yes, remove the blindfold on your eyes

You don’t need your eyes to see

Just open your heart

Let the Silence be your companion

It’s true that the outskirts of reason are full of knowledge

But you have to lose your urge to think

Thinking is not required

You are inside the fibre of existence

Everything else is a gift

Wait your turn

You will be given what you want

It’s not important to have a list

All you need is known

Just absorb the Silence

Let your body, mind and soul be swallowed

By the mouth of nothingness

Then you will find yourself

Totally naked inside the ocean of Love

You will find your gifts well labelled

Peace, happiness and Love



©Kenneth Maswabi



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