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This poem is a gift to you.

Poem: The pandemic of Chronic Spiritual pain


The World Health Organization is silent

The health system knows nothing about it

The spirit is not covered by medical aid benefits schemes

Spiritual matters are pushed to the house of religion

Religion prescribes even stiffer penalties

Excursions outside the Word of God is not tolerated

Even silly expeditions such as drinking wine

Are not permitted by the rigid fence of religion

The spirit is caught between the injustices of the world

And the “holiness” of the religious dispensation

It’s not unusual for a “child of God” to fall by the wayside

And find no compassion at the hands of religion

The family system is also failing to address the spirit

Weak family bonds exacerbate the spiritual pain

It’s common for people to imbibe in alcohol and other drugs of abuse

To try to sooth the chronic spiritual pain within

It’s not unusual for people to drown in the sea of wickedness

Trying to escape the pangs of spiritual pain

The pandemic of chronic spiritual pain is not outside the current reality

It sits at the centre of the present existence

Unless mankind finds the Truth

He will continue to seek solace in money, drugs, alcohol and technology

He will continue to chase after the elusive happiness

He will surely die of loneliness

The Truth exist now and for everyone

It’s imperative to stop and listen

Not to your mind’s overactive train of thoughts

Or your body’s aching joints

It’s important to listen to the Silence within (soul)

And wrap yourself with a blanket of stillness

The body, mind and soul needs you to listen

To open your heart to the realm of possibilities (nothingness)

It’s a gift to know the path of Light (awareness)

It’s more than medicine to drink from the spring of life (sacrifice)

It’s vital that you find your true self (Oneness)

It’s the Love within that heals (God)

It’s the absence of you (ego)

That will bring you freedom

It’s Love that will bring you peace

Love is a divine covenant

Nothing can break it

Not even time or space (logic)

Love is the summit of existence

Be in Love

Be the Love


©Kenneth Maswabi




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