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This poem is not poetry, it is our reality.

Poem: The parable of the Good Samaritan


We live in difficult times

Covid-19 disease has brought us misery

Death of loved ones is our daily breaking news

We are forced to bury them in haste

According to social distancing rules

Even the number of attendants is restricted

We cannot even have a last glimpse of our beloved

We can only weep on the cold floor of life

Death has become synonymous with our daily bread

We are enveloped in misery

Now I am forced to go back two thousand years

And be in the presence of Jesus Christ

When he was asked “And who is my neighbour?” Luke 10:29

This is the parable of the Good Samaritan

It is as relevant today as never before

We have to open the curtains of our blindness

And re-look our neighbour in the eye

We have to know that humanity has no neighbours, only God

We have to search through our entangled membranes of being

And remove all the hardwired habits that keep us from each other

We have to drink from the river of life

And pour ourselves into the goblet of humanity

Instead of fear and hopelessness

We have to deliver compassion and unconditional Love

At the doorstep of our neighbour

Our friends needs us

Our fellow human beings are desperately in need of us

This is not a time to cling to selfishness

And raise the flag of race or tribe or religion

This is a time to climb the pedestal of hope

And be the Light of the World

This is the right time for Good Samaritans everywhere

To come and heal the wounds of humanity


©Kenneth Maswabi




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