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This poem unveils the well of perfect knowledge.

Poem: The perfect Knowledge


It’s madness

To think outside the box of logic

Yet, it’s here where you will find the perfect knowledge

Fully submerged in nothingness

There is no classroom

To jot down anything

Silence is the perfect knowledge

No uncertainties exist here

Not even elongated algorithms

Or pathways of mathematical conjecture

There is no scientific hypothesis

Only the fibre of being

Fully displayed

Inside the stillness of existence

You may choose to go further

And extract the nectar

Out of the silence

It’s not your capabilities that are tested

It’s your insanity that is stabilized

Inside the vesicle of Silence

You may let go

Of all your identities

Academic excellence is not a requirement

Or a prerequisite to enter the realm of eternity

Just be

Let your body, mind and soul rest

Inside the bowl of existence

You are now full of knowledge

Not the kind of knowledge that is full of uncertainties

Knowledge that brings you to the tree of life

And feeds you the fruits of the spirit

Humility, kindness, gentleness and love

Knowledge that illuminates the essence of being

Faith, hope and Love

And submerges you in peace, happiness and Love

The perfect knowledge is found inside the stillness

Do not wake up

Keep dreaming



Kenneth Maswabi




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