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This poem is a look in the darkness…the pot of suffering faced by the masses.

Poem: The physical realm


I am troubled by the contents of the physical realm

A heavy smog of evil has encapsulated us

A heavy net of steel has captured us

We are inside the oven of death

No one knows the extent of evil

Or the edge of its perimeter

We are exposed to the putrid smell of death

Covid-19 Outbreak is just another axe

To shed blood and feed the evil monster

Road accidents, HIV/AIDS and poverty

Lies, deceit and selfishness

Corruption and looting

Hopelessness, fears and darkness

All pillars in this house of wickedness

We are sons and daughters of Light

Yet we stand in darkness

Submerged by evil spells and pollution

Capitalistic frameworks envelope our minds

Our collective consciousness has been poisoned

We are now preoccupied with materialism

We wake up to daily pictures of suffering

Inequality is no longer the breaking news

We live in a society of the “haves” and “have nots”

The gap between the rich and poor is endless

The structure of our mental framework is weak

The poor stand against each other

In their fight for bread crumbs

The rich are wallowing in unimaginable pools of comfort

We are horrendously incapacitated from facing the truth

The classroom of knowledge is occupied by lies and deceit

There is no room for the truth to shine

© Kenneth Maswabi


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