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This poem reveals the Truth.

Poem: The plane of Light


The contents of consciousness

Reveals nothing but pure awareness

The plane of Light is the hidden realm of awareness

This mysterious form of being

Knows no limits

And exist away from time & space

It’s the fabric of consciousness

That opens a window of hope

It’s the flow of consciousness

That drives us to each other

Love is the ultimate awareness

To Love is to exist at the plane of Light

Meaning and meaninglessness are converged inside Love

Existence and non-existence are merged inside Love

Wisdom and foolishness are melted inside Love

Everything ceases to exist

Only Love exist inside Love

It’s futile to hold logic

Inside the bowl of Love

It’s totally stupid

To deny yourself (or others) Love

Love is the fabric of our being

Without Love

Existence taste like non-existence

Wisdom taste like foolishness

Meaning is the same as meaninglessness

Love is the Light in your being

Without Love

You are hopelessness

The plane of Light is occupied by Love

Love is the Light of the world

Love is God


©Kenneth Maswabi


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