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This poem is an epic journey into the dimensionless realm

Poem: The Poetic Spirit


On this path

I strive to be a Poet

Not because I am an artist

But because I am a Seeker

I look through dimensions

Seeking for the dimensionless realm

An artist will paint the realm of dimensions

A poet looks through the prism of dimensions

And opens a new kind of thought process

A seeker looks beyond time and space (dimensions)

Into the boundless realm of Light (dimensionless)

It is not a faraway place

Not accessible by road or mathematical equations (logic)

It is only accessible by spirit

It is through the poetic spirit

That I am allowed to fly beyond my imagination

Into the realm of Silence

Here, I am soaked in the substance of emptiness

Until my body, mind and soul are completely submerged in nothingness

Then, I can be like the sky or the moon or the sun or the universe

Totally detached from life

Yet full of awareness

This is the thread that I am looking for

The thread that weaves life into existence

This thread is the Truth

God is the Truth


©Kenneth Maswabi





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