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This poem is wants to know the secret of poets.

Poem: The Poetry of Poets


Dear Poets

I have gone through your profiles

You look like ordinary human beings

You seem to be everything a normal human being is

You are fragile and strong

You have all the challenges of life

You have not won any Nobel Peace Prize

You are just the kind of people I meet everyday

Now how come you are so radiant?

Your light fill my sky

Your warmth is my cup of comfort

You have dressed me with life

And put my passions on fire

I am ignited by your intense light

I am illuminated by your passions

Your every word is my wilderness

I am a tourist in your garden of words

Every step I take I am quenched of my thirstiness

Every word I consume is a capsule of medicine

I am impressed by your great creativity

How did you acquire such great talents?

Is there a special class for the kind of people you are

I want to be near you

To breathe the air you breathe

I want to follow each and every thought

That pops out of your minds

I want to know

The kind of knowledge you have

I want to live

The life of a poet

And maybe I will see

The canopy of my life

I will see the petals of existence

I will drink from the spring of life

I will find the peace to roam through the realm of imagination

I will write beautiful love poems

And maybe I will win the heart of my lover

I just want to know

How you came to be

Tell me your secrets


©Kenneth Maswabi




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