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This poem reveals the mystery of poetry.

Poem: The poet’s poem


In the poet’s mind

A poem stands secluded

Shrouded by mystery

No amount of coercion

Can dislodge it from its nest

No amount of thought

Can break through its cocoon

It’s only patience that can reach within

The enclosed premises of our consciousness

It’s only hope that can discover the entrance to this mystery

It’s only Love that can hold a poem inside its mother’s womb

A poem is not an element of time or space

It’s not a property of the intelligent mind

It’s an encounter with the sacred knowledge

A poem emerges from the annihilation of time and space

A poem is a product of the unknown

A poem is formed from the mysterious realization (awareness)

That within the Silence

There is poetry

Within the non-existent

There is existence

Within the emptiness

There is plenty

Within the unknown

There is life

Within the known (time and space)

There is nothingness

Within you and me

There is us

A poet’s poem is illuminated

Not assembled or constructed

A poet’s poem comes from surrendering yourself

And becoming part of the hand of creation


©Kenneth Maswabi



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