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This poem is not a poisonous vial…it is an injection of hope.

Poem: The poisonous vials


The most painful injection comes from our mouths

Words that sting with the ferocity of a million bees

The most poisonous vial comes from a deluded mind

Able to poison whole communities, races or nations

It is only fair to have Love as the antidote

Because Love is the most abundant medicine in the whole world

Conspiracy theories are infesting the world

As much as Covid-19 disease is afflicting the world

Some have devised formulas to make profit out of them

Just like pancakes, there are fed many families at the dinner table

To sow seeds of discord and deceive those who hold the truth loosely

The stem of our existence is planted deep in our souls

But the allure of money and fame has decapitated many people

Causing them to abandon the only treasure left by their forefathers

Now, everyone is looking for the latest conspiracy theory

To try and make sense out of it

Don’t hold a poisonous needle in your hands

And think you are free to clap your hands

The venom of today’s snakes is not a neurochemical

It is the ability to poison as many people as possible with words

Social media has provided the platform

To inject as many unsuspecting innocent people as possible

With the most potent of venoms

Distorted racial, religious and political ideologies

The most poisonous vials on the market


©Kenneth Maswabi



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