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This poem is faraway from politics.

Poem: The politicization of the poetic spirit


The poetic spirit is apolitical

Not because there is no platform to address

Because all the platforms are in total shambles

The poetic spirit stares deep into the human psyche

And sees the desperation inside each and every human being

Both poor and rich are curtailed by an insurmountable misconception

The origin and purpose of life is an enigma to many people

The mushrooming of political ideologies is tantamount to grasping at straws

There is no concept of survival of the fittest in the Spirit of God

There is only kindness, humility, hope, compassion and unconditional Love

The ocean of awareness is the only true source of beauty, peace and happiness

Human nature is not a piece of bread to be chewed at the dinner table

Human nature is a porcelain of unimaginable beauty

A rare masterpiece beyond the perimeter of reason

The human being is a creation of the most sophisticated thought process

Not a plywood assembly of objects to be conquered and oppressed

Humanity is not a disorganized tribe of long-forgotten and lost Homo sapiens trying to survive

Humanity is a master concept beyond our comprehension

Humanity is the toughest strand of Love

A pedestal of hope and a manuscript of courage

Inside the unchartered terrain of unimaginable horrors

To bow down to forces of chaos, fear, uncertainty and disunity

Is to reject the seat on which humanity was conceived

The poetic spirit cannot be politicized

It can only be used to illuminate the entire global village

And dissect the appendages of human nature

So that true knowledge and understanding can be made available

The poetic spirit is a river of consciousness

That pours itself into every heart

To build and nourish

To awaken the spirit within

And let the truth be seen

The Truth will set us all free


©Kenneth Maswabi







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