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This poem is a poor man’s song

Poem: The Poor Man’s Song


I have watched birds fly

In the heavenly firmament

There are no bye-laws

To make them pay their taxes

Their flight schedule is not disclosed

Their itinerary is not made public

Yet they are free to fly

I have watched Man make rules

It is not the rules that make Man

The rules are made for the poor man

To dangle on them and fall

To fiddle with them and burn

The laws are not meant to bring happiness

They are only meant to guard against the poor man’s appetite

It is not foolishness to be poor

But yet foolishness has been perfected by the system

That keeps the poor man down

I want to fly away like a bird

With no destination to call home

Only clouds to conquer

And winds to betray

I want to be free

From the foolishness of Man


©Kenneth Maswabi



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