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This poem is a manuscript of foolishness

Poem: The Principles of Foolishness


This is a manuscript for fools

But don’t let them see it

Don’t hold it in public or give it to your friends

It displays the characteristics of a fool

It is not a syllabus of buffoonery

It is a catalogue of attitudes and attributes of a fool

It is not for sale, not even to the highest bidder

Don’t peruse its pages in the classroom of human knowledge

Put it on the wall of the “not to do” list

Fold it and throw it away

It is not a toy to give to your children

It is not safe to talk about it, not even among friends

These are the principles of foolishness

First, you have to be a fool yourself to understand them

Second, you have to appear not as a fool in front of yourself

Thirdly, find your foolish face and shred it

Then, take a serious face and put on it

Finally, through away all of your humanity

And be empty of all the attributes of a good heart

A truly foolish person is not a joke

Even religious books have condemned him (Judas Iscariot)

Foolishness is not an art, it is a condition of the spirit

It is far more deadly than it appears

It has caused so many atrocities

Many of the human strife is caused by it

Actually, many high profile people are infected by it

It is a strange form of carelessness or selfishness

It is a malevolent behaviour

It is actually a form of wickedness

It is an act of betrayal of the truth

It is a fundamental malformation in the human psyche

That causes a human being to assume the spirit of foolishness

And partake in inhumane acts of foolishness

These are crimes against humanity and God

Beware of the cunning spirit of foolishness


©Kenneth Maswabi









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