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This poem is a sad reality

Poem: The Principles of Recklessness


In the world of political discourse

I opt to stand outside the perimeter of logical thought

And watch as the manuscript of recklessness is unfolded

A noose was handed to the people

In the name of democracy and elections

Following a forbidden manuscript of recklessness

The people matched to the polls

To miraculously appoint a leader

Who will heed their needs and rescue them from their suffering

And never get lost in the fertile field of selfishness and corruption

The beacon of hope was used as bait

The people chanted their favourite songs

Intoxicated by the high temperatures of election fever

The people rushed to the nearest polling stations

Unwavering in their pursuit for the colours of their dreams

They stood in long meandering lanes for hours

Not even the sting of hunger will dissuade them

From their path of recklessness

Their minds were set on puncturing the fabric of the illusion

And ushering in a new era of prosperity and happiness

Like a mass of delusional rain drops

They poured into the flooded river of their dreams

To cast their ballot papers

This is the end of their insanity

The reality is far different

With its pockets full of harsh decisions

Economic turmoil and political tricks

The people were fed the principles of recklessness

And swallowed the whole manuscript

They will have to wait another five more years

To play this game again


©Kenneth Maswabi


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