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This poem digs at the shady characters of ego

Poem: The problem with ego – Blindness


It’s not the face of reality

Written on its face

Or the deep understanding of life

Oozing from its heart

It’s the shallow interpretation of life

Folded in its mind

It’s the blindness to the spiritual aspects of life

Leading it astray

It’s the loss of selflessness

Clouding its mind

In pursuit of selfish interests

The ego is blinded

By the lure of materialism

And false power

It’s the loss of humility

In the hour of fame

It’s the false security

Erected by materialism

Identities, achievements and attachments

Nibbling at the surface of consciousness

Gives the ego its false narrative

Its obsession with winning

Its venomous appetite for fame

Its dark fears

Total darkness surrounds a lost soul

The problem with ego

Lies in its inability to give

Or to forgive

Its incapacitated state

Denies it of all the fruits of the spirit

Kindness, humility, compassion and love

The problem with ego

Emanates from the gigantic delusion

That inhabits its whole being



Kenneth Maswabi


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