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In its many forms

Ego looks innocent

Poem: The problem with ego


In its many forms

Ego looks innocent

In its many colours

Ego is a venomous snake

In its many branches

Ego is a lost path

In its foundation

Ego is hopelessness

The problem with ego

Not about how effective

Or how potent it is

It’s about how fundamentally wicked it is

Like snake poison

Ego is a by-product of life

Produced in the fangs of existence

To pounce and cause enormous harm

To the innocent and bystanders

To the vulnerable and poor

Ego will hurt you

Regardless of form or colour

Ego is selfish

Not governed by the needs of others

Ego will drive you to kill

Just to taste a flicker of happiness

Ego is a monster

Regardless of its innocent face

Ego will consume your spirit

And drive you further and further into foolishness

The problem with ego is that it’s the mother of all wickedness

©Kenneth Maswabi


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