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This poem looks at our current affairs and the many lies that accompany our news.

Poem: The propaganda of lies

The propaganda of lies


Lying is not a philosophical ideology

Or a religious doctrine

Lies are despised pieces of rubbish

Condemned as vile and pernicious by history

Lies have no religious, scientific or ethical value

Littering the minds of some unscrupulous people

Often times folded into deceitful shiny packets

To evade the ultra-sensitive eyes of the moral fabric

It’s pathetic to hold lies high above the light

And broadcast them in day light

It’s foolishness to make lies your ideology

It’s impossible to hold lies in your mind for too long

Because lies have short legs

They will slip away or fall off

Leaving you looking like a fool

The propaganda of lies

Have pervaded the fabric of life

From newspaper to politics

Lies are portrayed as juicy and appetizing to the human psyche

Often times plastered on billboards and cover pages

Or rolled out as breaking news

To distort and disfigure the pedestal of the truth

To erase the higher dimensions of consciousness

Lies are purposefully used

As weapons to demarcate the moral fabric

And render the house of humanity to the vultures

That hold greed and deceit far above the truth

It’s now or never

That humanity should expunge all lies

From the discourse of life

To prevent the collapse of one of the major pillars of consciousness – the truth

It’s mathematically impossible

To calculate the value of the truth in our daily lives

Spiritually, the truth is priceless

It’s scientifically impossible to determine the density of lies in our daily lives

Spiritually, lies are very dense – obliterating our foresight

It’s true

Lies go against our moral fabric

It’s also true

That the truth shall set us free


©Kenneth Maswabi





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