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This poem reveals a secret.

Poem: The quality of being

The quality of being


In the spiritual lake of existence

There are no ripples on the fabric of consciousness

Stillness is a garment for the whole of eternity

Awareness exists outside the ripples of time and space

Love is the supreme structure of being

That exists at the plane of Light

It’s the optimum state of being

That gave birth to the dimensionless realm

There are no classrooms of knowledge

Because knowledge exists in the same plane as existence

The fountain of life is forever beautiful

Because beauty is a fabric of existence

The structure of life cannot be manipulated

Because the truth is embedded in the flow of consciousness

Everything exists for one purpose

To be in Love

To be the Love

It’s the ultimate state of existence

Where chaos has been defeated

And wickedness is unknown

The quality of being is not measured

But assured

Fear and uncertainty are non-existent

Like a silent blue sky

Existence holds the breath of life

Love is the only quality of being


©Kenneth Maswabi


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