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This poem paints the beautiful life giving powers of the Okavango Delta. It’s a majestic tranquil place that offers refuge to all sorts of wildlife.

Poem: The queen of the Kalahari (Okavango Delta)

It has been a while

Since I laid my eyes on you

Your splendour is beyond imagination

Your beautiful sunset eyes surpasses all beauty

You have punctured my heart and filled it with Love

You bring life wherever you go

You have touched my soul with your love

Your hand is always ready to give

You have brought life to the multitudes of wildlife

Always carrying extras to give to drifters from afar

You have quenched the thirstiness of the mystic Kalahari Desert

Pumping all your love into his heart

Instead of sand storms, he is now fully dressed with your kisses

You even brought the sounds of tranquillity with you

All kinds of birds sing for you

Even the hippopotamus have joined in

With their bellowing tunes

You even brought life to the night sky

Hyenas and jackals are in concert

Laughing and dancing for you all night long

Your charm is beyond this world

You put a spell on the King of the jungle

As he was heard roaring all night long

Begging you to come to bed

You are the queen of the Kalahari

Your kingdom is paradise on earth

We welcome you with joy Her Majesty

We shall feast in your tranquillity

And enjoy the abundance of your Love

© Kenneth Maswabi







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