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This poem opens a can of worms, African politics is this rotten can of worms, and alcohol is the spice used to address the smell.

Poem: The question of alcohol

For many years now

African politics are dribbling with nonsense

Every carnage whether on the road or society

The culprit is always alcohol

Regardless of the pothole riddled roads

Or the poor economic outlook for most of our youth

We are always quick to point to alcohol

As the cause and the end point

Politicians are easy to predict

Even when covid-19 outbreak showed up

Alcohol was put on the spotlight

As the main concern for the spread of the virus

Corruption is never to blame

For our poor education system

Unconducive infrastructure

And unemployment

That eventually leads to unrestricted consumption of alcohol

Carnage on the road and at home

Streets full of petty thieves and smugglers

Domestic violence and abuse

It’s high time we free ourselves from politically imposed delusions

And religious righteousness

To face our common enemy

Corruption and poor governess

Unemployment and lack of recreational facilities

Poverty and diseases

Let’s not point fingers to the stinking bandage

And forget the rotten wound inside

The question of alcohol

Will forever be a riddle

For African politicians to throw at the masses

In times of crises

In the meantime looting and corruption goes on unabated


©Kenneth Maswabi



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